Amazing Art:

Some of you may be wondering, “Where is my child’s artwork?”  Please know that the majority of your child’s artwork is kept here at school until later in the spring.  Your child will create and assemble a portfolio as a collection of his/her artwork from this school year.  Students will have opportunities to reflect on previous lessons, observe personal growth, and make decisions related to aesthetics.  After the Winter Programs have concluded, you can look forward to displaying your child’s functional art form/ decoration in your home.  It will be used during the programs to decorate one of the two “Tree of Peace” trees.  Here are examples of the Winter Program decorations, photographed in grade level order from Kindergarten-fifth grade, left-right.


Did you know that you can fold an origami paper crane (3rd grade) and build a 24-sided polyhedron (5th grade) while you are at home?  You’ll need square sheets of paper, other common art supplies and access to the internet.  You’ll find the link in the top right corner of the school home page.

A Closer Look at Second Grade Art: 

Second grade students recently explored The Codomas, a cut-paper collage created by famous artist Henri Matisse.  This work represents trapeze artists at the circus, one of his favorite childhood memories.  Afterwards, students also created abstract cut-paper collages, representing a special memory of their own.  The student learned how to use specific colors and shapes to communicate their ideas to others.  At the conclusion of the lesson, many students had an opportunity to share their artwork with a peer.  Classmates tried to “guess” and identify the subject matter in their work by observing clues in the collage.  Students also had an opportunity to work in small learning groups for one class period to design and create dynamic collaborative cut-paper collages.  These works were created to honor our Veterans and active service men and women… and show their patriotic spirit!  Artworks were displayed for several weeks near the entrance of our school in November.  This spectacular display provided our visitors with an inviting welcome to our Veteran’s Day Program.