Amazing Art:

Now that the weather has become much colder, we often turn to “indoor” activities.  Consider includ- ing art projects to your agenda.  Our own Prairie School library has many books that highlight specific art processes, including origami and the ever-popular How to Draw books. Other options include a trip to a local art museum, Nichols Library (for additional resources), participating in a special art class offered through the park district or here at Prairie School [Young Rembrandts]. There are many terrific art websites that students can explore by clicking on the links on the art page on our Prairie School webpage.

 Visit one of Mrs. Anderson’s favorite websites:

A Closer Look at Third Grade Art:

Gr3 Cranes
In November,  students learned about ORIGAMI in their art classes.    Origami is a  traditional Japanese art form. This paper folding process often begins with a square sheet of paper.  The paper is folded many times, in many different ways, to create a specific three-dimensional form. The students followed many steps that were modeled one step at a time. Each  student created a paper crane. The origami crane is quite special, as it has become known as an International Symbol of Peace. We hope you enjoyed these graceful forms displayed on the front   bulletin boards of our school for several weeks in December. These students will be learning about other Japanese art forms later this spring, as a way to provide   students with varied meaningful experiences as they study the Japanese culture as part of their Social Science curriculum. During recent art lessons in December, third graders explored observational drawing and learned how to create both realistic and abstract still life drawings/paintings of clementine in a ceramic bowl. 

These lessons and future lesson will allow students to demonstrate their level of proficiency for these third grade art reporting standards:

· Creates artwork using a variety of artistic processes and materials
· Develops a work of art based on observational surroundings

These standards will continue through the remainder of the school year.   During third trimester, students will also demonstrate their level of proficiency for this third grade art reporting standard:

·     Communicates feelings when experiencing a work of art (as an artist and observer of art)